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Growing during a recession: 5 concrete tips for success

This blog highlights five crucial tips for business growth during economic challenges such as a recession. By strengthening customer relationships, increasing online presence, seizing market opportunities, experimenting and engaging the team, you can lay a solid foundation for growth. This highlights the potential to thrive amid adversity and the value of a well-thought-out strategy in turbulent market conditions.

50 koffie podcast met hans

Automation, cross-functional teams and people-centred leadership: an in-depth conversation

In S2 EPISODE 31 of the podcast 50 coffees, Hans Smellinck and Nathalie Liefsoens talk about business process automation, cross-functional teams and people-centred leadership. They share their insights on modernising business processes through automation, highlighting the importance of technological advances and how this can lead to more efficient workflows and better results. In addition, Hans and Nathalie discuss the concept of cross-functional teams and the importance of people-centred leadership. All in all, this episode offers valuable insights into the dynamics of modern business operations and how technology, teamwork and leadership work together to lead organisations to success.

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