The 5 steps to automate your sales and marketing

In this video, you will learn how to further automate your sales and marketing efforts to make your organization more scalable. Many companies believe that scalability means hiring more people for their sales and marketing teams, but that’s not always the right approach. Instead, you can automate your customer journey and save time and money with these 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Prospecting – Learn how to find new customers using tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and how to automatically approach these prospects.

Step 2: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Discover how to use handy platforms to automatically connect with your new prospects without being tied to your computer.

Step 3: CRM Package – Learn why a good CRM package is the backbone of every sales and marketing organization and how to customize and monitor different statuses to effectively target your audience.

Step 4: Campaign Platform – Learn how to assist your marketing team in setting up effective campaigns by utilizing status changes from the CRM narrative and applying digitalization to your customer journey.

Step 5: Data Visualization – Find out how to easily visualize your campaign results and statuses using platforms like Clipfolio, Geckoboard, and

Bonus: Improve communication between your sales and marketing teams with platforms like Slack and Trello, so you can collaborate better and automate and enhance your projects.

If you’re ready to automate your sales and marketing and make it more scalable, watch this video and start implementing these 5 steps today. Good luck!

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