The evolution of sales: working together for success


Markies Shoot at Yust

In the dynamic world of sales, we notice a striking evolution. Not long ago, sales professionals were seen as the kings and queens of business, the crucial link between the customer and the organisation. However, this role has undergone a significant transformation.

Sales success depends on effective collaboration with various departments

Markies Shoot at Yust

In today’s business environment, a larger part of the organisation is involved in contacting prospects and customers. This includes not only the marketing team and customer success teams, but extends to finance colleagues, operations staff and IT specialists. This shift highlights the need for a clear understanding of everyone’s role and responsibility in the buying process of prospects and in the customer journey of existing relationships.

It is crucial for sales professionals to embrace this change and not fall into a victim role. Instead, they should recognise the extra value their colleagues can provide during the prospecting process. Not only is this collaboration valuable, it is also expected by potential customers. They are looking for a seamless experience that can quickly transform them into ambassadors of the brand.

The future and success of sales lie in its ability to effectively collaborate with colleagues from different departments to provide prospects and customers with an exceptional experience. As Michael Humblet once said, sales is simple. It’s about being on time – not too early, but certainly not too late either. And who else but your own organisation can best support you in this?


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