How do Trends Business Information outline the future?

Trends Business Information (TBI) is part of the Roularta Media Group. Every business is unique and requires a specific approach. Through data integrations, marketing tools, trade information, and visibility formulas, Trends Business Information provides a 360° toolbox with convenient dashboards, reports, and web tools.

The question: Support us so we can secure our organization.

The management of Trends Business Information (TBI) is engaged in a strategic exercise aimed at securing the future of the organization. They are examining all aspects of the business to ensure that the value proposition continues to align with the company’s various customer groups.

"Markies has provided us with the insights to strengthen our organization for the future." - Burt

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Trends business information

The approach: business model canvas, buyer journey, and ideal customer profile.

Business Model Canvas

Using such a canvas, we can fine-tune the value proposition. This was done through a workshop where we also further defined the ‘why.’

Buyer Journey

During that workshop, various answers were formulated to the question, ‘How does a prospect purchase from Trends Business Information?’ This was done for each of the three different product categories: trade information, data platforms, and media visibility.

Ideal Customer Profile

Finally, several personas were identified and aligned. These were then compared with the entire segmentation section.

The result: getting them to think.

The three exercises have enabled Trends Business Information to further outline their entire organization and critically examine the current organization and what strategic elements are missing in terms of people, process, and platform.

Experts who have contributed.

Kurt is a true ‘people person.’ He enjoys collaborating, helping people, making them better, guiding, and is incredibly customer-oriented. With over 20 years of experience in various executive marketing and sales roles, he now combines the human and emotional aspects with a strong results-oriented mindset when it comes to sales and marketing figures.

Hans has been active as a strategist for over 20 years, where he has led internal company transformations for several major names, including RHI Inc, Bisnode, Selligent, Neckermann, Coca-cola, Agilitas Group, Ikea, and many other players. He is also involved in the startup scene as a mentor at the accelerator fund Birdhouse.

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