From operational marketing to strategic marketing.

The request: Acting as a sounding board for the new marketing manager and establishing the initial steps for strategic marketing.

VGD has been the knowledge partner of Flemish entrepreneurs for 40 years. With fourteen offices across Flanders and more than 350 advisors, they provide support to entrepreneurs for any issue they may encounter. Whether it’s questions related to audit, tax, and accounting, or more specific inquiries regarding subsidies, the environment, corporate finance, estate planning, or other matters, their advisors are ready to assist. Their ultimate goal is to have a solution ready before the question is even asked! They achieve this by proactively leveraging their extensive knowledge network. This way, entrepreneurs have more time to focus on what matters most: entrepreneurship.

The approach:
first things first!


"Together with Markies, we've put the marketing team on the map at VGD," said Sarah Verkimpe

The newly appointed marketing manager wanted a step-by-step, fresh approach, moving away from a purely operational marketing strategy towards a more strategic marketing approach that closely aligns with the business and its customers.

Using the Growth Canvas as the first step.

The Growth Canvas allows you to better align your products and services with the company’s mission and vision, as well as coordinate them with the necessary efforts. This provides a solid foundation for building a strategic marketing team.

Working together with the Director of Marketing, a clear strategic plan was crafted over several workshops, serving as the cornerstone for the future marketing organization.

Step 2... Building a strategic marketing team.

One of our senior profiles is contributing to the establishment of the strategic marketing team. Through clear communication, planning, and the rollout of necessary initiatives, the level of marketing actions is gradually elevated. The project-oriented approach also enhances collaboration with “the business” and the HR team.

The result: a fresh breeze was all that was needed.

“It’s clear that there’s a fresh breeze blowing! The marketing team now collaborates even better with the key stakeholders within the VGD organization, and everything we set up has an impact on our internal teams as well as our customers.”

Experts who have contributed.

Hans has been active as a strategist for over 20 years, where he realized business transformations from the inside for, among others, the following big names: RHI Inc, Bisnode, Selligent, Neckermann, Coca-Cola, Agilitas Group, Ikea and many other players. He is also active in the start-up scene as a mentor at the Birdhouse accelerator.


Nele Vermeire has 15 years of experience in Communication, Social Media, and Event Management. She has worked for strong brands such as Neckermann, Panasonic, and the city of Bruges, including their internationally renowned events Kookeet and the Triënnale.


A one-hour sounding board session for you to share your story and explore how we can support you.

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