How focus can stimulate your growth!

The question: How can we grow faster without blowing our budget?

The challenge was to grow, but to do so in a scalable and structured way, in terms of people, processes, and platforms. The employees of Studaro were highly motivated and wanted to go for it, which was very positive. If we looked at the mission and vision, then it was right. At Studaro, there was primarily no structure in terms of processes and technology was not an enabler for growth. If we delve deeper into platforms, we look at a website that was self-built with no standard pages, content that had to be placed through the website builder, and was so interwoven with the back office

"Markies has made us realize how important it is to be scalable as a company and to plan and do the right things at the right time with the right partners." - Jelle



The approach: developing processes and putting the finishing touches together with partners.

Aligning Processes

Processes were developed for the entire sales events, as well as for the new approach to recruitment. Thanks to various workshops, we were able to further map out the customer journey and also identify the ideal customer profile.

Website as Engine for Change

A new website was created in collaboration with a new supplier, Wisemen from Hasselt. We also immediately ensured that the website was an open-source platform. In this way, new applications can easily be integrated in the future, enabling an easier way of working. The website shifted from a standard HR website to a student gaming environment. This way, application becomes not a chore but a game. With all this setup and approach, the website became a reality. It enables us to continually capture attention and not lose it after 30 seconds. Demonstrating how you can simply be disruptive in a traditional market.

The website should also be able to serve as the basis for an application and further development in terms of planning, self-service, etc.

Applicant Tracking System Launched

The decision was made not to develop our own ATS (as with the start of Studaro), but instead to use a standardized platform, namely Byner. This ATS runs on Salesforce. In this way, you can go and stand where you want in the future without further dependency. This greatly shortens your Go-to-Market.

Introduction of Partners

Throughout the entire process, new partners were introduced. Wisemen indeed coded the new website in Fork CMS, and the ATS is by Byner, implemented by

The result: being aligned with their target audience.

The speed of the entire process was increased. As a result of these interventions, they were able to be scalable and approach students in the way they prefer, via WhatsApp. Everything fully tailored to the target audience. Until this day, we only hear positive feedback. Students can easily sign up, and the process is completely tailored to them. In the future, the idea is for the client to have their own environment to schedule students in a simple and well-thought-out manner.

Experts who have collaborated.

Hans has been active as a strategist for over 20 years, where he achieved business transformations from within for, amongst others, the following big names: RHI Inc, Bisnode, Selligent, Neckermann, Coca-cola, Agilitas Group, Ikea and many other players. He is also active in the startup scene as a mentor at the accelerator fund Birdhouse.

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