Growing a Belgian family business established in 1995 in 2021 and beyond.

A Belgian specialist in organic and ecological products. Their product range consists of over 5,000 items, spanning from food to personal care products, and from cleaning products to non-food items. They offer their own quality brands, known as our ‘house brands,’ and also have a range of exclusive and distribution brands.

The question: How can we achieve faster growth than the organic market, and what can we do ourselves with physical retail?

We are looking for a partner who can assist us in exploring the organic market in Belgium and collaborate with us to determine which sales channels to approach and expand. How can we establish a national team and incentivize them for growth, so they are as committed as if it were their own business? Can you advise us on how to effectively manage these individuals, create a schedule, and have them report? What tools would you recommend, including a CRM system? How can we best align our inside and outside sales teams? Do you have suggestions for bringing sales and marketing closer together? And how can we ensure that our employees can work as independently as possible, allowing them more time to focus on new opportunities, visit important clients, and foster the growth of our team?

SALES + MARKETING = Structural Growth


The approach: market analysis, supporting organizational development, and managing people.

Market Analysis

We have embarked on taking a comprehensive snapshot of the market in Belgium and the surrounding countries.

What does the organic market look like today? What is the total market size? What is the available market? What is our market share? What are the market growth projections? What are the trends that have influenced the market in the last 3 years and what impact have they had on Marma and its customers? What are the future trends that the organic market is expected to face from both a B2B and B2C perspective? What are the market drivers (price, experience, convenience, quality)? How can Marma play a significant role in the B2C market through which channels? And many other questions that should provide Marma with a concrete understanding of the current market situation, its position in it, and the potential growth opportunities within or outside that market.

Supporting and Managing People within the Organization

There is a real need, following the investments in warehousing and logistics, to elevate the performance of the marketing, sales, and customer service departments to a higher level. The three departments must work hand in hand to achieve growth for Marma in a customer-centric manner. Several measures have been taken, including reevaluating the sales process, segmentation, developing an efficient marketing plan, implementing a CRM platform, and establishing a campaign platform.

The result: pleasantly surprised.

In 2022, the overall market has generally declined by 15%, but Marma has managed to increase its market share.

Experts who have contributed.

Hans has been active as a strategist for over 20 years, where he has internally driven business transformations for prominent names such as RHI Inc, Bisnode, Selligent, Neckermann, Coca-Cola, Agilitas Group, Ikea, and many other players. He is also involved in the startup scene as a mentor at the accelerator fund Birdhouse.

Kurt is a true ‘people person’. He enjoys collaborating, helping people, making them better, guiding, and is extremely customer-focused. With more than 20 years of experience in various executive marketing and sales roles, he now combines the human and emotional aspects with a strong results-oriented mindset when it comes to sales and marketing figures.

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