What impact does a recession have on your sales process?


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Research from Gong.io points to a growing trend where the use of language related to macroeconomic factors has increased by a remarkable 55% in sales conversations over the past weeks and months. Expressions such as #crisis, #priceincrease and #costs often come up.

Surprisingly, this trend has a profound damaging effect on both win rates and the extension of the sales cycle.

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In this webinar, we will thus make a joint effort to investigate what measures can be put in place to properly restore your sales process.

In addition to that, during a recession various factors can affect your sales process. There is a clear shift in consumer behavior as the population tends to revert to a conservative spending pattern, saving more due to the uncertainty that a recession brings. This can result in a longer decision making process and an extended sales cycle.

The market also sees a shift whereby competitors may lower prices to attract price sensitive customers, making it harder to maintain sales volumes. Operational costs can also increase due to market fluctuations, affecting overall profitability.

Finally, the sales process itself may need to be adjusted to become more customer-oriented, with the focus on demonstrating real value to the customers. Effectively communicating how your product or service can have an immediate and significant effect can be beneficial in counteracting recession effects. Remember, the ultimate goal is to get your sales process on the right track.

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