How to win the digital competition


In a world where digital innovations and transformations are becoming increasingly dominant, companies that embrace this shift often have a competitive advantage. As a company, how exactly do you stay flexible in the rapidly changing digital marketplace, keeping one step ahead of your competitors and taking your sales results to new heights? Read all about it in this blog.

Do you also feel the pressure that your competitors are moving forward at breakneck speed? Their email marketing is running like a well-oiled machine with clever automation, digital marketing strategies optimized to perfection, social media marketing deployed brilliantly and generating a lot of extra sales, and so on. These developments and experiences may not only be palpable, but also visually perceptible to you as a brand or company.

In a world where digital innovations and transformations are increasingly dominant, companies that embrace this shift often have a competitive advantage.

Digital transformation in a nutshell

When we talk about digital transformation, we don’t just think about using digital tools to optimize your processes and sales, improve your customer experience, or streamline communication and collaboration within your organization. It is also about a profound change in your digital strategy and corporate culture, focusing on the added value of digital innovations to sustainably improve your overall business operations.

Digital transformation for your competitive position

Companies that hesitate to embrace digital technologies are missing the opportunity to thrive – at least that’s what recent history teaches us. In today’s fast-paced, digital marketplace, it is essential for organizations to remain competitive, although not always easy. Digital transformation is therefore not a sudden event, but an ongoing process with no set end. When you as a company decide to embrace digital transformation, you may regularly encounter various challenges and need to manage the digital process effectively on an ongoing basis.

Five tips for increased sales and digitization in your business

Wil je een succesvolle digitale transformatie realiseren en concurrerender zijn in de digitale markt? Hier zijn alvast vijf cruciale overwegingen om in gedachten te houden:

1. Set clear goals

Many companies initiate their digital transformation because their competitors are doing the same. Without prioritizing specific goals, you can’t measure their success. For example, do you prioritize your digital marketing strategy or start digitizing your business processes? First, understand why you want a digital transformation and set clear goals.

3. Implement your digital strategy incrementally

In digital transformation, there is almost no guarantee of success; often a thoughtful, gradual approach is more effective. For example, want to advertise more on crucial and influential social media channels for more efficient digital marketing? Then avoid hasty actions and implement your desired channels one at a time. Choose a clear strategy, focus on the most relevant channel first, ensure full integration and effectiveness, and then expand gradually.

5. Evaluate

Focus on the small victories while simultaneously analyzing the obstacles that hindered the progress of your digital transformation. Was it the right strategy, or are adjustments needed? Or perhaps you were using the wrong methods to better drive your sales efforts? A thorough evaluation of what worked and what didn’t will allow you to address these issues and move forward with renewed energy.

Flourishing your sales and digital transformation together?

Are you struggling to capitalize on digital knowledge and technological changes to take your sales results to the next level? Or are you looking for support in technologies or strategies to differentiate yourself digitally from your competitors? Our growth agents are ready to make your team more efficient and increase your customer conversion rate. They understand your digital needs like no other and provide the right methods to better direct your sales efforts and achieve your goals.

2. Develop the right digital skills

Successful digital transformation requires specific ‘e-leadership skills.’ Think digital marketing skills like social media marketing, but also expertise in Big Data or Internet of Things – all combined with the right business knowledge for the transformation process.

Notice that this knowledge is lacking internally? Then consider outsourcing specific knowledge or bring in external experts. At Markies, we are happy to take on the challenge and help you with hands-on knowledge and a range of tools to become more digitally competitive.

4. Engage your team

When addressing or improving your digital strategy or transformation, be sure not to forget to consider the perspective of your team; they will likely be heavily involved with all your digital plans. Clearly share the positive impact of your goals and convince everyone of the benefits.

Do you notice resistance to changing to a digital culture? At Markies, we have solutions focused on people , to strengthen your team and create a company culture that encourages digital performance and growth. Together, we will make the digital journey a success!

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