With your marketing and sales, you obviously want to attract as many customers as possible and boost your sales. But how do you do that in a highly competitive market? And how can emotions help strengthen your sales?

Although we like to believe that we act rationally, it turns out that as much as 95% of our buying decisions are unconscious, driven by emotions. Professor Gerald Zaltman of Harvard studied this phenomenon and concluded that our subconscious mind and feelings play the most important role in impulse buying. Therefore, it is crucial to respond to the emotional needs of your target audience in your marketing and sales. This way you not only strengthen your competitive position, but also boost your sales. In this blog post you will discover the power of emotions in sales and get practical tips to improve your sales results.

Why emotions are crucial to your sales

Emotions are a powerful driver behind human decisions, and this is certainly true of purchasing decisions as well. Positive emotions such as joy, desire and hope drive people to make impulse purchases. Customers don’t just buy a product, but the experience and feeling that comes with it. By responding to the emotional needs of your target audience, you show that you understand them and that your offerings meet their needs. In this way, you create a strong connection and significantly increase the likelihood of a purchase.


4 ways to use emotions effectively in your sales

How do you concretely use emotions to boost your sales? Here are some practical tips:

1. Map your current customer relationships

Make sure that every interaction with your brand or organization provides your customer with a positive experience and emotional connection. For example, use Customer Journey Mapping to understand your target audience’s behavior and emotions throughout all phases of your customer journey. This helps you understand where and how to improve customer touch points.

2. Segmentation and automation

Segment your customers based on their needs, behavior and demographics so you can target them in a targeted and personalized way. Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and customer journey map will help you get started in understanding your target audience’s pain points, desires and emotions and responding to them effectively.

3. Align your sales and marketing team

To achieve optimal results, your sales and marketing teams must work closely together. Marketers must create emotionally appealing content and messages that the sales team uses effectively to persuade prospects and lead them to a purchase. Regular coordination and knowledge sharing between the two teams is therefore a must.

4. Play to the subconscious mind

✓ Tell stories that touch

People love stories. Use the art of storytelling to present your products and services emotionally and prompt customers to take action.

✓ Build trust

Be transparent, keep your promises and ensure the privacy of customer data to build trust and a strong relationship with your customers.

✓ Provide memorable experiences

Provide positive experiences that touch and stay with customers. For example, with attentive customer service, a personal touch or a strong brand experience.

✓ Connect with your customers

Build strong emotional bonds by showing customers that you understand their needs and value them. You can do this through personal interactions, customer-focused content and excellent customer service.

✓Evoke emotions

Present your products or services in a way that stimulates emotions. Use visuals, stories and experiences that resonate with your target audience and appeal to their feelings.

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A balance between emotion and reason

While emotions play an important role in purchasing decisions, rational factors such as price, quality, availability, customer service, ease of use and durability also come into play. The key lies in getting the balance right. Make sure you convince on both an emotional and rational level. Combine a strong emotional connection with your customers with attractive Unique Selling Points (USPs). This way, you give buyers the feeling that they are making the right choice with their heart as well as their mind.

Ready to use emotions for your sales?

At Markies, we understand better than anyone how crucial emotional connection is to your sales results. With our expertise in sales and marketing, we love helping you strengthen your customer relationships. Whether you’re a start-up or an established company looking to grow, we offer the tools, knowledge and strategies to take your sales to the next level.

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