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The French company Havea is dedicated to enhancing the personal well-being of its consumers through its natural and organic products. As the European leader in natural health, they operate from the firm belief that their successes should benefit as many people as possible.

The question: we want to grow in the Belgian market.

Havea is a well-known brand in France with a wide range of products. Their branch in Belgium is located in Leuven, where they have been establishing the brand in the Belgian market for several years with a small team. The level of difficulty in our market is high, with separate regulations, multilingualism, and various types of players across different regions. Havea’s products are unique, but how do we now bring this to the outside world?

"The workshops and mentoring from Roeland have provided Havea with new insights and ideas to enhance their customer journey. His contribution has been of great value to our digital marketing team." - Stephan

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Workshop Havea

The approach: workshops and mentoring.

Customer Journey Workshop

The buyer and customer journey workshop analyzes the path a customer takes and visually maps it out. We discuss how Havea approaches this customer journey, how competitors do it, or how a similar customer journey is experienced today in other products or services. Potential opportunities and new ideas surface readily.

Ideal Customer Profile Workshop

This workshop starts with a selection of Havea’s key products as a foundation, followed by a deeper exploration of the current and potential consumers of these products. Separate analysis is conducted for the B2B market. In an onsite setting, we work together with Havea’s team to examine demographic factors, behavior, and social media usage. This way, we can visually prioritize what needs attention now and what should be addressed in the future.


During mentoring sessions, we aim to help certain team members enhance their knowledge of marketing and digitalization. Theory is aligned with practice, and practical experiences are examined in the context of theory. Meetings can be both onsite and virtual. The mentee is assigned tasks in both strategic and execution phases, enabling them to gain hands-on, comprehensive knowledge of marketing and digitalization: immediately applicable in practice and a strong foundation for the future.

Experts who have contributed.

Roeland has been involved in (online) strategy, digitalization, content, and online marketing for over 20 years, holding various roles and responsibilities. For the past 7 years, he served as the general manager of IBIS communications, a content marketing agency based around Brussels.

Cara recently graduated as a Digital Marketer. With her fresh perspective, she joins the Markies team as a junior member, eager to explore various digital aspects. Content marketing and social media are her strong suits.


A one-hour sounding board session for you to share your story and explore how we can support you.

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