All marketers are sellers and all sellers are marketers


Markies Shoot at Yust

Digitization and automation are increasingly elevating marketers to a level where they truly belong, in the boardroom where the budgets are divided.

That was different in the past! Marketing costs money, doesn’t it? And you can’t sell without salespeople, can you…🙄

Fortunately, this is now truly a thing of the past.

Logically, marketing is increasingly taking the lead in all facets of the “sales profession”. This applies to acquisition, cross- and up-selling, as well as retention.

Work together
marketing & sales!

Understanding well how the customer buys and how to make him or her a loyal customer is essential in this process. Also take into account giving the right “experience” and you are absolutely top!

Or not?

There is one essential condition: WORK TOGETHER!

Put those #egos in the fridge and make a difference TOGETHER for your prospects and customers.

The benefits?

✅More qualitative leads

✅Higher conversion of leads to opportunities

✅More qualitative opportunities

✅Better win ratios

✅Satisfied customers who return and become ambassadors for your brand.

💚And I bet you will get more budget to grow even faster 🚀

1st tip of the day @marketing & sales : exchange jobs for one day with your colleague

2nd tip of the day: don’t wait until tomorrow!

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