Accelerating in turbulent times: the role of tomorrow’s CEO

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A changing world

We all feel it: there is unrest, and we find ourselves in uncertain times. Naturally, this sharpens our entrepreneurial radar. Do you recognize this feeling?

Instead of easing off the gas pedal, now is precisely the time to look at how we can pick up the pace! As a CEO, it is your job to pave the way, both today and tomorrow. 


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Embrace change and adapt

The balance between performance and transformation 

As a CEO, you must navigate between delivering performance and implementing transformation. You must be able to embrace change and adapt to shifting circumstances. What worked flawlessly two years ago may not suffice in the future. Adaptability is crucial for survival, as is attracting the right talent. 

The leader of tomorrow: motivator and storyteller 

Tomorrow’s business leader needs to be more than just a manager. He or she must be a motivator and storyteller, guiding teams in the right direction for sustainable growth. This is a challenging task! Remain true to yourself and act from your own strength. Surround yourself with people who possess different talents and add value to your business. 

Crisis management and seizing opportunities

Traditional responses to a crisis 

In many companies, a crisis creates a negative atmosphere. Revenues drop, debates flare up, and the focus shifts towards halting recruitment, delaying investments, and cutting costs. However, this approach doesn’t favor the growth and development of the company. 

Time for a different approach 

It’s time to consider a different strategy. While cost-consciousness is important, it should not lead to poor decisions. Companies that, for example, discontinue cookies for customers, are unlikely to experience growth. 

The real entrepreneur looks beyond and sees opportunities where others pull back. While your competitors are slowing down, it’s time to shift into a higher gear! 

Coach your team to success 

The captain of the ship, the CEO, needs to be more closely involved with his or her team members and support them in these turbulent times. This means you need to transition from a management role to a coaching role. 

Come on, captain! Show the way and best of luck in this challenging and exciting period! 

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